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Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) play a vital role in the socio-economic growth of the nation by promoting Financial Inclusion and NBFC Software is to manage all loan related actions for Non-banking financial companies. Best NBFC Software in the industry, trusted by leading Non-Banking Financial Companies in the world Designed exclusively for NBFIs Complete lending solution. They have become an integral part of the Financial Landscape in developing countries with their business model focused on offering credit to the unbanked sections of the society.
NBFCs have extended the virtue of credit to the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and enabled these cradles of entrepreneurship and innovation to get through the cash crunch.
Over the last decade, the NBFC sector has been growing leaps and bounds. They have scripted a great success story through their contributions to the economic growth of the nation. But the journey to success had not been smooth.
Despite the exponential growth, there have been quite a few temporary hiccups in their progression. Though the hiccups seemed inconsequential in the beginning, as time went by, the little operational inefficiencies started to turn into ginormous problems that are causing setbacks in their roadway to success.
NBFCs’ need a thorough understanding of their customer’s profile and credit for customising their products to fit the prerequisites of prospective clients and stay ahead of the cutting edge competition. These will be done by the advanced technology of NBFC software.

Real-time inquiry and approval

  • You can track any enquiry over any investments or process the request for loans or any investments like RD, FD, etc
  • The fully real-time web-based application to support the multi-state, multi-branch and multi-loan companies.
  • Customized as per your companies’ drafts and requirements, the nbfc software is tailored in the same fashion.

Branch management

  • With the finance software for NBFC, it became easy for the people to manage their other branches of the financial service provider.
  • With its real-time tracker, it becomes effective to analyze the growth and development of their sales and revenue collection.
  • You can manage your services in other branches too effectively with its module of interbranch features.